About Myles




I strongly believe that everyone has a purpose. My passion is helping people find what they’re passionate about, and turning that passion into purpose. 

Today, our attention is constantly up for grabs and before you know it -the day is lost. We respond fast to situations, and sometimes that fast response isn’t the best solution. We’re more reactive, instead of proactive. But, when pursuing our purpose and passion in a stable and responsible manner, we contribute positively to the world.

My clients learn how to deliver value to their clients/companies. They become more self-aware and in touch with their values. 

A benchmark moment for me was a story I read about Clare Booth Luce, a writer in the 1960’s. In the story, she told President Kennedy that a great man is one sentence. She gave him examples of how Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, and how FDR led the country out of the Great Depression. Finally, she asked the President what his one sentence was. That story has given me motivation on my quest to build a legacy, all while making positive contributions to the world.

As a leader of troops, I have endless drive. My tenacity and discipline are key for the client's success as well. I view my service as an integral part of my life’s purpose, which has provided me to fully value all people. I'm aware that I am learning leader with room for improvement because of this, some of my best attributes are active listening and self-empowerment.

In the fall of 2018, I will graduate from the University of Charleston, West Virginia with a B.S in Organizational Leadership. I am certified and have successfully completed the A.R.E Professional Life Coach Course at the Edgar Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach.

I love to meet people who are in pursuit of their purpose. I look forward to meeting you.